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Suburban Shamanism

Natural Healing In An Artificial World

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Step away from the burdens of modern life. Release the stress, anxiety and discomfort, and free yourself to walk an Empowered Path of Liberation towards the Joy, Fulfilment and Abundance that are rightfully yours!

Walk Out...

Come In..

…to experience Shamanic Journeys of Discovery and Healing through your personal Inner Landscape

…to walk your own personal Labyrinth of healing discovery

…to use drum-rhythm and chanting to powerfully connect with your Inner Landscapes

…to uncover the hidden healing wisdom carried through the ages in the myths and stories. Stories stimulating inner truths

…to create your own poetic stories that will hold your personal truth and sustenance

These things – and more

Get Clarity on what your

"Ideal Life" looks like

Strategise Your Actions - create a step-by-step plan to take you there

Identify Additional Skills you might require - and how to get them

Optimise Your Environment - create around you the energy of Love and Support... and success!

Master Your Psychology - identify limiting beliefs and fears and whatever else is holding you back - and eliminate them!

or contact me:

07402 723462

…feeling refreshed and revitalised with clarity and a renewed sense of purpose and direction

…with the tools you need to continue your Journey of Healing, Discovery and Growth – and the means of creating them and using them at will

...with an understanding of your psychology – where it carries you to your purpose, and where it has been standing in your way

…loving and accepting yourself more

…ready to sing your song and dance your dance, to make this life the one you’ve been dreaming about!


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