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Avalon Goddess Shamanic Healing 

Foundation Level Workshop For Women

Availability strictly limited - 10 places only

Places Remaining:    7

Avalon Goddess Shamanic Healing Workshop

Duration: Two Days

Location: THE CHALICE WELL, Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Date: 28th and 29th June, 2018

Accommodation: not included

Lunch and refreshments: Included

Foundation Level Workshop for Women

The Chalice Well Trust, Chilkwell Street,
Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8DD

Peace and Tranquillity are what we all long for. They are the cornerstones of a happy and prosperous Life of Joy that is the birth-right of each of us

Self-healing and Self-love are indivisibly entwined, and together give us the sure and steady foundation we need in order to step into a creative life of Health, Abundance, Love and Perfect Self-expression

The Goddess-Energies of Avalon, appropriately directed, represent a perfect, gentle, natural path to Self-Healing and melt away the limiting energies standing between you and the Unconditional Loving Acceptance of yourself as you are. Find and re-establish a loving bond with your inner-self as you re-learn the unique beauty of your true, eternal divine nature

Continuing to develop the skills you take from this workshop will bring increasing peace and happiness and you'll find yourself attracting the people, circumstances and resources to bring your dreams to an easy expression of fulfilment - whatever they may be.

Become yourself. Become Unconditional Loving-Acceptance - and Live the Life you Deserve. You are worth it. You are enough. You are more than enough.

Accomodation in Glastonbury:

Airbnb typically has a large selection of accommodation availble in Glastonbury. 


There is also plenty of traditional B&B accommodation to be found in and around the town.

Day One Includes (but there's much more): 

Individual Spiritual Energy Cleansing

Opening Ceremony to create a Sacred Space for the work

Introductions in the Circle - getting to know each other

General overview of the workshop content - what's to come, what to expect

The Medicine Bundle - what it is, how to create it, how to use it

Sacred Essences of Nature - what they are, how when and why to use them

Gathering items out in nature for Medicine Bundles and Essences

Indoors to begin the Creation of Essences and Medicine Bundles

The First Shamanic Journey - Discovering the environment

The safe and guided experience of drum-induced trance-meditation to get to know the environment of your personal Inner-Avalon

Journaling your experience, and sharing of the experience. Sharing enhances and validates the experience for individuals within the group and prepares the way for Group Healing work

The Sacred Labyrinth

Discovering the purpose of the Labyrinth, a valuable healing tool common to all human cultures since the beginning of human history

Creating your own "Finger-trace" Labyrinth and working with it to learn how to trust to your path and to surrender to the many turns your life will take. The Labyrinth is a  tool that we can use to learn how to walk in serenity through the confusion, fear, anger and grief that we cannot avoid as we traverse the path of our current human experience 

Discussion and sharing the Labyrinth experience with the group

The Second Shamanic Journey - Meeting your first Spirit-Guide

A second safe and guided experience of drum-induced trance-meditation to meet with your first Spirit-Guide. A further opportunity to practice setting your intention for the inner journey to focus the result

Journaling your experience, and sharing of the experience followed by a group discussion

Close the energies and give thanks at the end of the first day

Day Two Includes (but there's much more):

Individual Spiritual Energy Cleansing

Opening Ceremony to create a Sacred Space for the work for the Second Day

Open discussion and questions, referencing the first day and overnight experiences, including dreams

The Third Shamanic Journey - Meeting your Totem Animal 

The safe and guided experience of drum-induced trance-meditation to meet the Totem Animal that has always been your Teacher in the inner realms

Journaling your experience, and sharing of the experience

Drumming and Chanting - how it works, why it works and what it does

Demonstrations of drumming and chanting patterns and their purposes

Group experience of drumming and chanting

Out In Nature 


Communicating With Spirit, and Mindfulness

Forming Spiritual Connections

Creating Sacred Spaces - what they are and how to make your own space

Creating the Essence - creating the Sacred Essence that was started on Day One

Final Discussion, Question and Answers

Closing Ceremony - thanking Spirits, Closing the Circle

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