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Nine Avalon Goddesses of the Lake

In "The Matter if Britain," the Arthurian Mythos, the roles of women in the Medieval texts, the ones that are best known, have been diminished. Goddesses appear as mortal women with little or nothing more than mortal power and purpose.

   To discover their true power and purpose we have to dive into the subtext of these works and intuitively read between the lines. When we do this, we begin to understand that there is more to the women in the stories and that shallow, surface interpretations of their roles are very wide of the mark. In the Arthurian Mythos "The Lake" plays a prominent part in the Avalonion cosmology and geography. Mystical waters where great and powerful transformations are forged are the alchemical domain of women in early and original mythology of the land. And the sovereignty of women is paramount. Take away that power and the land transforms in a negative way, becoming The Wasteland.

   The Wasteland can be restored by a Hero. But without the transformational intervention of a Goddess - or Goddesses - the Hero will never appear. Quest for The Grail - whatever your intuition tells you The Grail to be - without the help of a Goddess of Sovereignty and you will fail. The balance of Goddess and Hero, Queen and King is necessary for the land to return to a balance of abundance and joy for all of the people, animals and plants depending upon it. And here were are speaking of a mythical royalty, not a monarchy because in a balanced world the Queen and King have balanced roles in maintaining the power of the land.

The Goddesses of Avalon have been reduced over time to merely mortal women in the retelling of the Arthurian mythos. Yet without the power of the Avalon Goddess(es), the wasteland cannot be restored. Discover who the major Goddesses are and how to reconnect with them to help heal yourself - and your land.  AVALON GODDESS - RESTORE THE WASTELAND

   The deconstruction of  the stories of The Matter of Britain and the Grail Quests is fascinating work that brings astonishing wonders to the consciousness of those who choose to undertake it. But for now, here below are nine women you'll find in the Medieval texts within The Matter of Britain, each of whom are truly Goddesses of the Lake.


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