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Nine Avalon Goddesses of the Lake

The Avalon Lake Goddesses here form the core of nine workshops, run one each month where you get to directly connect with each Goddess and bring her magical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes into your own being.
     You'll also learn how each Goddess appears, diminished to mortality, in the later texts and delve into early texts where you'll discover her true status in The Arthurian Mythos, The Matter of Britain.
     By the end of the nine months, you'll have worked with and connected w
ith all nine Goddesses and balanced the learnings and attributes of each of them within your being at all levels., particularly if you've been practicing the exercises between each workshop. You will have restored The Wasteland within your own being and your energy will be a positive function in the wasteland of the world around us, a healing presence. 
     The next running of this set of workshops is yet to be announced, but will begin in the first quarter of 2024, online via ZOOM
Register for updates and you will get emails with all the information as it becomes available. Click the link below to go to the registration form.

Below are introductions to each of the nine Goddesses...

1 Dindraine CROPPED.jpg

Dindrane is a Grail Maiden, the sister of the Grail Knight Perceval (Peredur/Parzival)
As such she is closely connected with the transformation of Arthur’s realm.

She is a Guardian of the Land’s Wisdom so her appearance in the texts is played down or viewed as less important than that of the Grail Quest proper. Her realm is: The Lands Adventurous

2 Kundry CROPPED.jpg

KUNDRY - her story is found in "The Matter of Britain," the Arthurian Legends and Grail-mythos, where in most stories she appears unnamed, illustrating that she is representing a Goddess intelligence and energy that is ancient beyond record, from the deepest history of humankind. .. She is a harsh advisor of the Grail-questor, whom she accompanies until the Grail is achieved. 
Kundry is dark, mysterious, harsh and uncompromising. But in that, she is an Essential Element of transformational alchemy

3 Guinevere CROPPED.jpg

GUINEVERE - her story is found in "The Matter of Britain," the Arthurian Legends and Grail-mythos, where in the stories she appears under several different names, each illustrating that she is representing a Goddess Intelligence and energy representing freedom, escape, balance and challenge. She is the Goddess-fulcrum around which contesting forces fight for the right of Kingship of the Land. She ican be a sower of strife in order to ensure that she achieves for herself "that which every woman wants."

4 Enid CROPPED.jpg

ENID is a DELIVERER. Her qualities transform and liberate us. She will not rest until every burden is lifted, every grief effaced, qualities she shares with other Goddesses such as Rhiannon, Sophia and Persephone. She sustains and maintains life itself - not merely survival, but intelligent and beneficial means of living. Her qualities bestow mature wisdom, making a bridge between opposites, showing the still-point of beauty and harmony within all things and situations

5 Igraine CROPPED.jpg

IGRAINE is a woman of the "Otherworld," come to this world to play a part in the ancient matriarchal spinning of the destiny of sovereignty of the land. Her role in the magical conception of Arthur, and her subsequent return to the Otherworldly "Castle of Maidens," where she presides over the ancestral traditions and the spinning of future destinies provides us with the keys to creating our own destinies and unlocking access to the paths that our personal matrilineal ancestry has carved out for us.

6 Nimue CROPPED.jpg

NIMUE is a Seer and Prophetess whose presence inspires us in our role as seeker. She is a Shapeshifter and Weather-Witch, and through these aspects of her character she brings new fresh, opportunities to us. She is tied to the Shaman-sorcerer MERLIN. He lusts after her and wants to own her but she uses her cunning and intelligence to draw from him the secrets of his power, knowledge and wisdom to find her Goddess Song of Freedom, allowing her to experience her own "perfect life" from that moment on. She opens a pathway to practical solutions and new ways and determinations to help reform our lives. 

7 Morgan CROPPED.jpg

MORGAN is a kindred of Arthur. Her character in literature and other media has evolved from her Celtic (and more ancient) origins, through Medieval re-interpretation to more modern, shallow and false misrepresentations - particularly in film and television where she is portrayed as a wicked sorcerer, ambitious enchantress and selfish "black-witch" - but she is none of these as this can readily be demonstrated. MORGAN is a Goddess of the Lake who pushes us to find our True Power, then heals us into a new place of Love-liberation.

8 Ragnell CROPPED.jpg

RAGNELL is a Goddess who shapeshifts in order to bring the necessary learning to those who can grant Sovereignty. She activates mysterious alchemies of our being, blending our life-experiences to grant us our unique signature that we may then present to the world. She shows us how to play again and to be sensitive companions of creation. And with this in place she along with Enid is concerned with making a bridge between opposites, finding there the still-point of beauty and harmony within all things and all situations.

9 Argante CROPPED.jpg

ARGANTE is the Queen of the Lake in the realm of the Otherworld although stories of her are scarce and ill-reported. Beneath the waters of the Lake, she fostered not only Arthur but also Lancelot. She is a teacher, giving out instruction and laying down a path that her students will tread. She is a Seer and Prophetess whose presence inspires the seeker. Argante can be seen to encompass all the qualities of the Goddesses associated with the Lake of Avalon. She is the balancing point that can hold the Restored Wasteland in Joy and Abundance.

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