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Do you want to become your own "hero?"  The Tarot can guide you through your own hero's journey, helping you to become the "ideal you," achieving all that you want to achieve. All you need is an understanding of the universal symbolism contained within the images of the cards.


Tarot is mostly understood as a medium of divination, fortune telling - but its secrets go much deeper than that. The symbolism and colours contained in the images are neither random nor accidental. They have been carefully designed to stimulate areas of human consciousness, helping us to understand where we are, who and what we are and the relationships we hold with our past, present and future circumstances. This understanding then helps us to make the right choices as we proceed along the path to achieving our goals, finding our hearts' desires.
The Tarot - A Personal Journey unlocks the keys to Tarot symbolism using the author's own journey through the Rider-Waite deck over a period of several months.

Whether you use the cards for divination, or wish to step onto your own path to personal growth, The Tarot - A Personal Journey is a perfect companion. 


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