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Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey Healing Workshops
Serenity Therapy Centre
13 The Crossway,
Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 0RZ

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Serenity Therapy Centre

13 The Crossway,
Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 0RZ

15th October, 11am - 3pm

Home Holistics, Garden Street, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 1BW



Inner Healing Shamanic Journey Workshop
  • Discover your own Inner Landscapes

  • Access the therapeutic value of the Inner Journey

  • Find the answers to your questions about life, health, joy

  • Connect with your own Divine Guidance

  • Meet your Spirit-Guides and Power-Animals

Journey in a nurturing, supportive and comfortable environment created especially for this experience at Serenity Therapy


Take advantage of the cutting edge technology used to create the powerful soundscapes designed specifically to take you into the Shamanic State of Consciousness you'll enter to have the Journey experience.
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The answers to all of our questions, the solutions to all of our problems, are available to each and every one of us. Emotional and mind issues may consume much of our conscious energy and stand in the way of our progress through what could and should be, an infinitely creative life of joy, abundance and fulfilment.

Many of us – most of us – carry unseen and often unimagined issues - and perhaps traumas - from past experiences, even going back to early childhood, that are triggered by events and relationships that come into our current human experience. Some of these issues, when they’re not attended to, can even manifest as physical discomfort or ailment.

The Shamanic Journey can take us to the source of whatever is blocking us, whatever is stopping us from living our True Soul Purpose to the full, and can provide us with insights allowing us to release those blocks.

The Shamanic Journey is a holistic therapy, a trans-personal and sometimes psychedelic experience without recourse to drugs, allowing us to discover our own unique “Inner Landscapes.” These landscapes in Shamanic cultures are traditionally aspects of the Three Worlds – the Lower World, The Middle World and the Upper World, all connected as levels supported by the Tree Of Life.

At the Serenity Therapy Centre, we use breathwork and percussive soundscapes to take us into the Shamanic State of Consciousness, where we can find and explore our own Inner Landscapes. Here we can meet Spirit Guides who will help us, Power Animals who may be guides and guardians, Spirit Helpers taking human form - and also commune with plants and trees that may have some or all of the answers we’re seeking. These Spirits, Ancestors and Relations will be guiding us in our Journey through Landscapes that we’ve held within us forever but have left abandoned along the way.















Learning to Journey with intention is an invaluable natural therapy even if you are not consciously aware of being in particular need of any healing. Journey, and you’ll be surprised at the outcome. You may have an immediate revelation; or what you learn in the journey may not be obvious right away but gently emerges over the course of the hours or even days following a journey, suggesting to you the questions you should be asking of yourself that can form your intention for subsequent Journeys.

Traditionally, drums or other rhythmic percussion instruments have been the “Horse” carrying us into the other worlds of the Shamanic Journey. And we can and do still use them. But we live in an age of technology, and this is one of those areas where technology can be a blessing. At the
Serenity Therapy Centre, you will be guided into your Shamanic Journey by means of powerful percussive soundscapes. Yes we’ll start with traditional drumming to set the scene while you work with relaxation and breathing exercises, but then you will lose yourself in complex audio soundscapes crafted specifically for this Shamanic purpose. Drums, synthesisers, didgereedoos, powerful and intentionally very loud, carry you on a wave into your Inner World. This is counter-intuitive for those who are only used to gentle “floaty” meditational practice, but tried and tested through the long and ancient history of the human race. The proprietary recording technology used creates binaural - and even goes beyond binaural - sound patterns, using a technology developed specifically to take you from everyday Standard Consciousness into a Shamanic State of Consciousness quickly. You’ll go deeper, faster than you’ve probably gone before.














































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"The Shamanic Journey, when undertaken for the purpose of investigating our own inner landscapes, is deeply therapeutic. What we encounter and what we are shown, when the practice of Journeying is pursued as an ongoing spiritual practice, typically leads to the exposure and releasing of long-buried traumas and energies from false beliefs that do not serve our highest good, nor serve our Soul's chosen purpose for this current human experience."           Peter Lancett

      Free Your Soul - Empower Your Life
shamanic journeying can be safely undertaken at the
Serenity Therapy Centre

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