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Natural Healing - in an Artificial World

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  • Feeling the pressure of modern life?

  • Nothing seems to ease the pain and strain no matter where you turn?

  • Money worries. Family problems. Relationship issues. Emotional concerns.

  • You'd like to ease away those burdens but can't imagine how it might be possible?

  • Don't worry - the solution is right at hand.


natural healing in an artificial world 

Self-healing - Healing You Can Believe In

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • Group Programmes

  • One-on-one Mentoring

SUBURBAN SHAMANISM shows you how to:


  • Journey deep within to find the "real" you

  • Discover the root of any emotional and psychological issues troubling you

  • Release them using ancient techniques developed and practised over thousands of years, allowing you to live a Victorious and Liberated life

  • Learn techniques of natural healing that you can bring to your everyday life to maintain a healthy balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Find peace and harmony without compromising your current human experience       



  • Journeying to Inner Realms

  • Sound and Colour Healing

  • Creation and value of Natural Essences

  • Working with Symbols and Geometry

  • Understanding crystals and how to heal and protect with them

  • Drumming and Rhythm

  • Working with Spirit

                                               ...AND MUCH MORE

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